Let Me Help You Transform Your Organization

Mediator, arbitrator, author, speaker and organizational consultant, Marli has transformed her in-depth knowledge of the law and workplace dynamics into a revolutionary approach that helps organizations create healthy and productive environments.

Why I Do This

I’ve seen first hand, the damage and pain that’s inflicted by workplace dysfunction, conflict and poor communication. I’ve also witnessed the many lost opportunities of not creating healthy, dynamic and empowered teams. I do what I do because I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their potential in an atmosphere of trust and respect.


How I Help Clients

Regardless of how I serve my clients, from workshops and coaching to investigations, the way I truly help them is through the MIRROR Method. Organizations need the training and tools in the MIRROR Method to communicate better and resolve conflict earlier. This will help both individuals and teams do better and grow stronger. Modern, effective, and dynamic organizations need the MIRROR Method.

Who Marli Helps

From senior management and organizational leaders to staff and front-line personnel, Marli has trained thousands on the principles of workplace respect and communication embodied in the MIRROR Method. Employees within health care, government, education, the public sector, and private industry have learned how to resolve workplace dysfunction so they may focus their efforts and attention on building collaborative, high-performing teams.   

What Clients Say About Marli Rusen and the MIRROR Method

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