Mediation and team facilitations to overcome conflict and rebuild relationships in a healthy and constructive way.

Mediations of workplace conflict can take place in two different contexts.

First, if it is appropriate to resolve workplace conflicts informally (rather than conducting a formal investigation), Marli will meet with parties to assist them in arriving at a mutually agreeable and confidential resolution to their concerns.

Second, if there has been a formal investigation, Marli can work with the parties after the investigation to help them move forward in a constructive manner.

Informal Conflict Resolution

Any successful conflict management program focuses on early and informal resolution of workplace conflict. Often such resolution requires mediators to help facilitate safe, open and direct discussions between those who are directly involved in the conflict. Through this process, individuals often arrive at a mutually acceptable resolution.

With broader team-based conflict, it is often necessary to assemble the group to have a “safe” discussion facilitated by a third party to ensure concerns are aired in a respectful and balanced manner. The “team” may be comprised of a group of staff, leaders, board members or union officials.

Marli commonly acts as a third-party mediator and facilitator to support individuals and teams in having safe, confidential and respectful discussions, and help guide them toward an early, effective and practical resolution. Marli is also available to help guide managers, supervisors and union representatives on how to best resolve these conflicts on their own.

Rebuilding Workplace Relationships

In circumstances where conflict cannot be resolved informally, formal workplace investigations and arbitrations must be conducted. Following such processes, all affected individuals must learn to work together and overcome the loss of trust and strained communication that develops as a result of these processes and the issues giving rise to them.

It is unreasonable and unrealistic to expect these individuals to simply return to “business as usual” without providing them with support and guidance to move forward.

Marli offers 1:1 mediation and larger team building sessions to assist with the resolution of post-investigation issues, including return-to-work plans, restoration of trust and the creation of communication guidelines and conflict prevention protocols.

Through these sessions, Marli allows for safe and respectful debriefing, practical skills-based training on rebuilding trust and timely follow-up and follow through with everyone involved.

Marli customizes her rebuilding and restorative processes in a way that responds best to the specific needs of the individuals, teams and organizations involved.