Training and education are essential in building and maintaining a respectful and productive workplace. However, they are not enough. Organizations also need to conduct timely, fair and objective reviews into complaints and concerns, and where necessary, hold individuals accountable through measured consequences, in order to resolve conflict in the workplace.

Marli offers a variety of workplace conflict resolution services to help organizations resolve disputes and address workplace dysfunction. Her services as an investigator are often necessary where there is a formal complaint of misconduct, harassment, discrimination or bullying.

Marli’s services as a mediator or facilitator are commonly secured when the conflicts have not yet become formal complaints but require immediate attention and resolution. Marli also is retained when there are vague or general concerns apparent through anonymous complaints, low engagement scores or high rates of turnover and absenteeism. Marli comes in – identifies the root causes – and helps leaders design a roadmap for effective positive change.

Finally, as a recognized member of the Arbitrators Association of British Columbia, Marli is retained to resolve formal grievances between unions and employers.

Investigations and Scans

Marli has extensive experience conducting a range of complex workplace adjudications, including human rights and harassment investigations and conflict audits/environmental scans.

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Workplace Mediation and Team Facilitations

Marli offers various ways to support individuals on your team overcome issues and move forward in a constructive manner, through mediation or team facilitations. Where appropriate, Marli mediates interpersonal conflicts in place of formal investigations. Marli also is available, following formal investigations, to work with specific individuals or entire teams to help rebuild damaged relationships, restore trust and improve communication.

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Arbitration is a quasi-judicial process, established in collective agreements, that resolves workplace disputes between Management and Labor. As a recognized impartial third-party, Marli hears evidence presented by both the union and employer and delivers a binding award.

Marli is a recognized member of the Arbitrators Association of British Columbia. Unions, employers and others may easily access her availability and secure her appointment by visiting the
AABC website.

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