The MIRROR Method Workbook


The MIRROR Method’s innovative, six-step process for correcting workplace dysfunction and creating strong, cohesive teams and productive employees shows leaders how to make the right decisions and implement them the right way.

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The MIRROR Method workbook offers workplace leaders many tips and tools on diagnosing and resolving workplace conflict and dysfunction including forms, checklists and critical Q&As. Together, the book and accompanying workbook will help leaders address workplace dysfunction, create highly-effective teams, and make evidence-based, defensible decisions.

Using a specific case study, it shows how to use the MIRROR Method to resolve a “workplace complaint” from beginning to end. Workplace leaders can use The MIRROR Method Workbook to effectively address any issue their team is experiencing, including: safety concerns, poor performance, low productivity, interpersonal conflict, sexual or racial harassment, misconduct and customer complaints.

The Workbook helps leaders navigate many common questions and tricky issues, including:

  • Where do I begin if I have “inherited” a dysfunctional team?
  • How do I determine if I should address an issue informally or formally?
  • What do I do with “he said/she said” situations?
  • What if I have not witnessed something I am asked to address?
  • What if someone claims I am biased? Or targeting them?
  • What if a complainant demands anonymity?
  • What if someone refuses to meet with me? Or walks out?
  • How do I coach someone effectively?
  • What do I do if problems continue despite my intervention?