The MIRROR Method Book


The MIRROR Method provides leaders with a simple, six-step framework to accurately diagnose and remedy workplace dysfunction, restore trust and communication, and build powerfully dynamic teams.

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Is workplace dysfunction affecting your organization?

  • The opinionated and overbearing colleague or leader who shuts others down
  • The coworker who freezes others out with her heavy sighs, weighted silence and icy stares
  • The micro-managing, hypervigilant manager who allows no room for feedback, input, creativity or autonomy
  • The moody, unpredictable coworker around whom others walk on eggshells
  • The angry and threatening CEO
  • The gossiping, manipulative, passive-aggressive team member who stirs up the drama and then goes into hiding.

These individuals take up significant time and reduce energy and profits in workplaces everywhere. They ruin the health of others – and the overall organization – because no one is stopping them from doing so.

The MIRROR Method provides solutions:

The first half of Marli’s book provides leaders with a better understanding of the term “dysfunction” and what it means to have a “dysfunctional team” or “dysfunctional team member,” based on modern-day expectations surrounding appropriate workplace behavior – professionally, legally and practically. This is critical because leaders need to know “what” to address before addressing it.

The second half of the book provides leaders with tools on “how” to address workplace dysfunction. It provides leaders with a straightforward six-step process to apply to any type of reported or apparent workplace dysfunction, stemming from rude/disruptive behavior, interpersonal conflicts, bullying, persistently poor performance, paralyzing perfectionism, caustic cliques/camps, personal, racial or sexual harassment or otherwise.

The MIRROR Method is a practical framework – for leaders everywhere – on how to effectively detect, diagnose and deal with dysfunction in a timely, defensible and lasting manner.