Empowering Your Workplace with The MIRROR Method!

Marli Rusen and her MIRROR Method will help you build a healthy, respectful and productive workplace through effective conflict resolution and practical training programs.

Marli is a law school graduate with 30 years of experience helping others resolve stressful disputes as a litigator, a human rights, labor and employment lawyer, and now as a neutral advisor, workplace educator, and expert in all forms of dispute resolution. Learn more

Marli’s Courses, Training, Services and Books to Build a Respectful Workplace

Build a Respectful Workplace with The MIRROR Method


Marli's MIRROR Method provides leaders with with a concise, six-step process for making fair and defensible decisions regarding workplace conflict and dysfunction, prioritizing respectful, timely and objective resolution of workplace differences.

Build a Respectful Workplace with The MIRROR Method Courses

Courses & Training

Give your leaders and staff consistent, practical and defensible education on respectful workplace conduct and communication with our self-paced online training courses. Alternatively, bring your teams together with live workshops by Marli, delivered remotely or in-person.

Build a Respectful Workplace with Marli Rusen Services

Workplace Services

Marli provides comprehensive and effective dispute resolution services including mediations, environmental scans and objective reviews into concerns and complaints of harassment, discrimination and bullying.

Build a Respectful Workplace with Marli Rusen Books

Authored by Marli

Marli has published three books to help leaders and staff build a respectful workplace through timely and practical dispute resolution.

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A few of the many organizations that Marli has worked with in embracing cultivating a respectful workplace culture:


What clients say about Marli Rusen and The MIRROR Method and how they helped build respectful workplaces

“Psychological safety is more important today in organizations now than ever. Workplaces have changed dramatically through globalization, remote work, hybrid work, and greater diversity. The competition in attracting, retaining and engaging others is critical to an organization’s reputation, productivity and bottom line. The MIRROR Method is a gift to all employers and employees. Whether one is a seasoned or emerging new leader, identifying, and ending conflict or workplace dysfunction (demonstrated through Performance, Behavior, Communication) is critical. Building Respect & Resolving Conflict is an affordable, easily accessible and effective must have training for employers and employees alike.”

Sheryl Brown, CPHR, HR Professional