This online course is a comprehensive conflict resolution online course for everyone in your organization, including staff, leaders, volunteers, elected officials and others.

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The Fundamentals For All Online Course

This is the first course in my "Building Respect & Resolving Conflict" series and the first step in your respectful workplace training!

Participants in this conflict resolution online course will learn the following:

  • The legal and practical reasons to be respectful
  • How employees, supervisors and others must help build a respectful workplace
  • The differences between workplace dysfunction, conflict and harassment
  • What it means to be respectful; which includes doing your work effectively and being a respectful and reliable team player
  • A team-based approach to conflict: understanding the roles and responsibilities of complainants, respondents, bystanders and workplace leaders
  • Understanding the Spectrum of Dysfunction: the difference between mild dysfunction (having a bad day) and repetitive, unrelenting and/or serious dysfunction (having a bad life)
  • How to put it all together and resolve conflicts early through a respectful 15-minute MIRROR Conversation

Completing this training provides participants with more than simply “knowledge” about respect; it teaches the practical skills and attitudes necessary for a sustainable and respectful work environment.

Course run time: 9 videos, 1 hour of training

Additional material includes:

Walking on Eggshells? A Practical Guide to Resolving Stressful Conflict at Work and Home

All of Marli’s leadership courses are certified by the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources.

CPHR Certified

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In any workplace, conflicts are inevitable. How they are handled makes a significant difference in stability and health of the overall work environment. Conflict resolution training is essential for a respectful workplace, one in which everyone thrives. Our “Fundamentals for All” conflict resolution course provides employees and leaders with the necessary skills, strategies and best practices to constructively and respectfully identify, manage and resolve conflicts. This training includes practical tips and strategies related to conflict resolution analysis, conflict resolution approaches and day-to-day conflict management.

Investing in respectful workplace training equips employees with the tools they need to navigate challenging situations with professionalism and grace. Through negotiation in conflict resolution, they can defuse tense interactions, facilitate productive conversations, and build stronger relationships. This leads to a more collaborative and cooperative work environment where conflicts are viewed as opportunities for growth.

This training not only benefits individual employees but the entire organization as well. By promoting conflict management and providing conflict resolution courses, disruptions are minimized, teamwork is enhanced and productivity is boosted. Create a workplace culture that values open dialogue and conflict resolution strategies in the workplace, ensuring employees receive the conflict resolution training necessary to address team conflict early.

Learn about our leadership course on respectful conflict resolution: Building Respect & Resolving Conflict: The Critical Role of Workplace Leaders.