With her training and services, Marli Rusen will help your organization address workplace dysfunction and interpersonal conflicts to build a respectful workplace.


Training in Workplace Respect

Our training is available in two different formats:

  1. Online training courses structured as self-paced training for individuals or teams who are required to certify that they have received comprehensive training in workplace respect.
  2. Workshops offer groups a relatively informal way of coming together to learn about respectful teamwork and conflict resolution, which are available remotely (virtual) or in person.
Self-Paced CoursesWorkshops

Self-Paced Courses

The MIRROR Method has been highly effective in resolving conflict and is now packaged and available in an easy-to-use, self-paced online training program. This training has supported thousands of workplace leaders and organizations in creating a respectful workplace for their teams. The course has concise and straightforward videos which clearly outline the rights and responsibilities of everyone in the workplace to build and maintain a culture of respect. Upon completing this training, participants (and their organizations) will receive a certificate confirming that they have demonstrated a general understanding of their role in maintaining a psychologically healthy workplace.

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Remote Workshops

Marli offers a range of online workshops tailored to your organization’s training needs and schedule. With more employees working from home today, web-based training makes more sense than ever.

Workshops are offered for either leaders or all-staff and delivered via  Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Every workshop attendee is encouraged to ask questions and actively participate to ensure that, as a group, they work to create positive change within your organization.

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In-Person Workshops

Marli’s dynamic style, exceptional communication skills and thought-provoking material will keep your employees engaged and give them the tools they need to get their work done in a safe, respectful and productive manner. Marli offers a range of in-person half and full-day workshops tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Workshops are designed for leaders or staff and delivered in-person by Marli at your facility.

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Investigations and Scans

Often, addressing prolonged or serious workplace conflict benefits from sound legal expertise. Labor, employment and human-rights lawyer and arbitrator, Marli Rusen has extensive experience conducting a range of workplace adjudications, including investigations and conflict audits/environmental scans.

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Mediation and Team Facilitations

Marli offers various ways to support individuals on your team overcome issues and move forward in a constructive manner. Where appropriate, Marli mediates interpersonal conflicts in place of formal investigations. Marli also is available, following formal investigations, to work with specific individuals or entire teams to help rebuild damaged relationships, restore trust and improve communication.

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Arbitration is a quasi-judicial process, established in collective agreements, that resolves workplace disputes between management and Labor. As a recognized, impartial third-party, Marli hears evidence presented by both the union and the employer and delivers a binding award.

Marli is a recognized member of the Arbitrators Association of British Columbia. Unions, employers and others may easily access her availability and secure her appointment by visiting the AABC website.

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