Workshops to Create Respectful Work Environments

Engaging workshops for organizations committed to creating a diverse, respectful and productive work environment.

Today, there is increasing legal, regulatory, competitive and societal pressure on workplace leaders – from front-line supervisors and senior managers to CEOs – to create respectful environments for their staff while building high performing teams.

Most leaders understand this. The question that remains, however, is how to practically and effectively address workplace dysfunction in a respectful and legally defensible manner. Employees at every level of the organization need the tools and training to work together as a diverse, engaged and productive team.


Respectful Workplaces Are Built From the Ground, Up

Respectful workplace training fosters individual well-being and engagement, which translates into organizational productivity and success. However, respectful workplaces do not magically happen. They require work and commitment from everyone. Each person has a legal and practical role to play.

The challenge is that workplaces are complex, dynamic environments. Everyone has their role and must work together to achieve a common goal. But we are unique in who we are, how we work, and what we value. Our attitudes and work practices are as diverse as our backgrounds.

When everyone interacts respectfully and harnesses this incredible diversity, a workplace is a progressive place of individual empowerment and organizational growth. However, without a foundation of respect, differences and diversity can be used against individuals. Intolerant and disrespectful behavior can infect an entire organization.

The starting point for building a respectful workplace is meaningful and practical training for everyone. Top employers recognize this and take a proactive approach to build respectful, enriching and diverse workplaces.

Remote or In-Person Workshops

Using her MIRROR Method as the foundation, Marli has created and delivers many different types of workshops that can be done remotely or in-person. These workshops educate leaders and staff on their rights and responsibilities in building and maintaining a culture of respect and professionalism.



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Chartered Professionals in Human Resources

All of Marli's leadership courses are certified by the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources.

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