Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution for Leaders

Using MIRROR Conversations to Communicate Creatively Through Conflict

For Leaders Only
Number of Participants: Up to 30
Duration: Half Day

Many complex workplace situations begin with a simple concern – a one-off incident of poor attitude, missed deadline, customer complaint, work error or coworker disagreement.

These issues often become complex, positional and emotionally-charged because too much time passes before being brought to the attention of those involved – in a proactive and informal manner.

The first step to any constructive conflict management – and a necessary ingredient for high performing teams – is to simply talk to the individual involved.

During this workshop, Marli will give you a clear and practical framework to use when having challenging conversations. Marli will outline what it means to be a respectful speaker and listener, and how to properly address any disrespect that might arise ‘in the moment.

Topics Addressed:

  • The three types of workplace conversations for leaders – inquiry, coaching and boundaries
  • The importance of preparation
  • How to speak so others will listen
  • How to listen so others will speak
  • How to ensure respect continues beyond the ‘conversation’
  • What to do in the face of tears, anger or defensiveness
  • How to respond if it becomes a ‘blame or shame’ game
  • What to do when behaviour is attributed to medical or personal issues
  • How to get a conversation that’s gone ‘sideways’ back on track

Supplemental Training Resources:

  • The MIRROR Method Book
  • The MIRROR Method Workbook
  • Walking on Eggshells? Guide


  • Certificate of Achievement
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