Building Effective Teams

Roles, Responsibilities, Tips and Tools for an Optimal Workplace

For Everyone
Number of Participants: Up to 60
Duration: Half-Day

One of the most frustratingworkplaceissues for staff to cope with is interpersonal conflict. No one, regardless of their position, enjoys coming to work if theyare entrenched in drama and dysfunction. In fact, most complaints about unhealthy workplaces stem from dysfunctional interpersonal and team dynamics.

One challenging colleague, leader, client or customer –who behaves and communicates with little consideration for those around them –creates disruption and disharmony for many others.

In this workshop, Marli Rusen will show you how to respectfully address such disrespect.Marli will provide critical information on what it takes to be a high performing team by helping you identify the most common barriers to success.

Drawing upon her experience as a workplace mediator and investigator, Marli will provide you with ways in which to respectfully spot, speak about andaddress conflict as soon as it arises and as informally as possible.

When it comes to team conflict, the goal is not to win by having others lose. The goal is for the team to succeed, as one, through early and effective conflict resolution.

Topics Include:

  • Understanding the difference between conflict and bullying
  • Learning about the responsibilities of bystanders and leaders in resolving
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