An Advanced Approach to Using the MIRROR Method for Leaders

"Walking the Talk" of Respectful Leadership

For Leaders Only
Number of Participants: Up to 30
Duration: Full Day

This is a follow-up course available to those who have taken the introductory course on the MIRROR Method (An Introduction to the MIRROR Method for Leaders). This course refreshes participants’ understanding of the MIRROR Method principles and then focuses on how to apply them in day-to-day practice using a case study from Marli’s MIRROR Method workbook.

This course includes additional and more detailed discussion on designing an appropriate remedy following a workplace investigation and restoring team trust and communication following any type of workplace review, layoff/amalgamation or significant change.

Leaders will be provided with Marli’s ‘Stove of Accountability’, a practical tool used to progressively track and address unacceptable behaviour, performance and communication.

In addition, leaders will learn how to help individuals improve by offering customized supports that reflect and respond to their unique circumstances and challenges – within and outside the workplace.

Topics Addressed:

  • Using the MIRROR conversation to properly coach individuals about their communication, performance or behaviour, and then implement a plan to support necessary changes
  • Understanding the three critical aspects of respectful and defensible accountability – communication, documentation and escalation
  • How to translate investigative findings about the past into a measurable action plan for the future
  • When and how to effectively and defensibly escalate your response in the face of recurring workplace dysfunction – aka avoiding 10 years of “coaching conversations”
  • How to ensure you have a timely and comprehensive paper trail of your efforts to affect change: the do’s and don’ts of documentation

Supplemental Training Resources:

  • The MIRROR Method Book
  • The MIRROR Method Workbook
  • Walking on Eggshells? Guide


  • Certificate of Achievement
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