Sexual Harassment Training for Staff

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For All Leaders and Staff
Number of Participants: Unlimited
Duration: 2-hour

Creating a safe and respectful workplace is key to a productive organization, one in which everyone can thrive. In many workplaces, despite all the talk and training on the importance of safety and inclusion, sexual harassment and gender discrimination continue to undermine meaningful respect in the workplace. The laws and expectations regarding sexual harassment are more specific than general workplace respect and need to be explicitly and routinely shared with your leaders and staff. It is not enough to incorporate this important topic into your general respectful workplace training. The message will get lost – and those being harassed will continue to feel excluded and unsafe (often physically and psychologically).

Topics Addressed:

  • What types of behaviours and communication may constitute sexual/gender harassment?
  • The spectrum of sexually inappropriate conduct – from insensitive jokes and rumours to physical conduct
  • The legal prohibitions on sexual harassment including reference to specific provincial and federal legislation
  • The indefensible excuses we hear from those who engage in harassment
  • The legal standard that is applied to determine whether conduct is/is not sexually inappropriate

Supplemental Training Resources:

  • The MIRROR Method Book
  • The MIRROR Method Workbook
  • Walking on Eggshells? Guide


  • Certificate of Achievement
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