How to Manage our Emotions During Unmanageable Times

How to Communicate in a Non-Reactive Manner

For All Leaders and Staff
Number of Participants: Unlimited
Duration: 2-hour

Ongoing stress, pressure, demands and uncertainty is at an all-time high – for staff and leaders alike. This is true whether we are working remotely or sharing a physical workspace with others. With changing workplace and clients expectations, financial pressures and family responsibilities, many of us find that we are more easily triggered by others’ mistakes, lack of responsiveness, insensitive comments or disruptive behaviours than ever before. Given our impatience, fatigue and stress levels, we risk responding to workplace issues in an emotional and reactive manner, which only serves to make the situation worse, not better. While we cannot control the circumstances around us, we can control how we respond.

In this two-hour session, Marli will use her expertise in respectful workplace communication and conflict resolution, to give you tips on how to navigate “pressure cooker” situations and communicate in a measured manner. Marli will show you how to become adept at speaking and listening in a manner that will help resolve day-to-day issues in the workplace. Even in the midst of uncertainty and change, we can cultivate a culture of respect and support – one respectful conversation at a time.

Topics Addressed:

  • How to catch yourself being triggered by someone else’s behaviour
  • What it means to ‘push the pause button’ before responding
  • The difference between macro and micro stressors in the workplace
  • How and when to properly respond if a stressor is a micro stressor, that is, one that affects your current environment
  • What to do if the stressor continues despite your best efforts

Supplemental Training Resources:

  • The MIRROR Method Book
  • The MIRROR Method Workbook
  • Walking on Eggshells? Guide



  • Certificate of Achievement
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