Self-Paced Respectful Workplace Course

Respectful workplace training is the law. Marli has transformed her legal knowledge and understanding of workplace dynamics into an online self-paced respectful workplace course that helps organizations address bullying and harassment.

Self-paced respectful workplace course for a more inclusive, productive organization.


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Online Training Course Features and Benefits

Engaging, Instructional Design
Nine, professionally-developed videos deliver 45 minutes of engaging course material.

Intuitive Learning Management System
Easy to navigate platform that makes learning efficient and enjoyable.

CPHR Certified Courses for Leaders
All of Marli’s leadership courses are certified by the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources.

Chartered Professionals in Human Resources

Desktop, Android and iOS Compatible
Readily accessible and optimized for any device connected to the internet.

Self Paced, Easy-to-Follow Curriculum
Participants learn at their own pace with course material and quizzes grouped into nine lessons.

Additional Support Material
Each participant will receive additional written resources and worksheets to help them implement the program’s key concepts in their workplace.

Mandatory Testing
Each participant must achieve a score of 80% or better on each of the nine quizzes. Successful course participants receive a certificate of completion.


Take the Lead in Creating a Positive, Respectful Workplace

Building Respect and Resolving Conflict is a cost-effective, online training program. It educates teams on how to create a respectful workplace and prevent bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination. It will set the standard for your organization and ensure that everyone is on the ‘same page.’

Participants will learn how to communicate their boundaries and expectations to others, respectfully listen, and consider the concerns of others. They will learn how to engage in difficult conversations about workplace differences respectfully.

Completing this training provides participants with more than knowledge about respect; it will help them develop the practical skills and attitudes that are present in a respectful work environment.

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Participants will learn:

  • The legal and practical reasons to be respectful
  • The difference between workplace dysfunction, conflict and harassment
  • How employees, supervisors and others must contribute to a respectful workplace
  • Two ways to be respectful – (1) showing up to do the work expected of you and (2) being a supportive team player
  • The roles and responsibilities of complainants, respondents, bystanders and workplace leaders in a workplace complaint
  • The spectrum of dysfunction – the difference between having a bad day and being a bully
  • The different perspectives of those involved in workplace conflict, respecting the competing experiences
  • How to respectfully and informally resolve disputes by having a 15-minute MIRROR conversation

The Benefits of an Inclusive, Respectful Workplace

Respectful workplaces are more productive, rewarding, and enjoyable. They are environments where employees work well together and recognize the value of building upon each individual’s strengths and abilities. Employees are happy, engaged and more collaborative and innovative.

The benefits of inclusive, respectful workplaces are extensive. Here are a few of the reasons to embrace diversity and inclusion training:

  • Stronger culture and improved corporate reputation
  • Increased productivity and profitability
  • Improved employee attraction and retention
  • Reduced illness and absenteeism
  • Improved team communication and morale

  • The first step in addressing workplace dysfunction is to be sure you detect it as soon as possible. This diagnostic tool will help.

The Damage and Risk Created by Workplace Conflict

Organizations that tolerate disrespect experience higher levels of turnover, conflict, and grievances, and lower levels of engagement, attendance and productivity. If left unchecked, bullying, abuse of power, harassment and discrimination can turn a healthy workplace into a toxic situation.

This is not merely unfortunate – it is unlawful. Human rights, employment and occupational health and safety laws in many jurisdictions, in North American and beyond, require employers to develop harassment policies and provide anti-harassment, bullying and discrimination training.

Each of us has the right to work in an environment that is respectful. We also have an equal responsibility to treat others respectfully. No exceptions. No excuses.

Marli Rusen creator of the MIRROR Method

Marli Rusen, Course Creator and Developer of the Mirror Method

Labour, employment and human-rights lawyer, mediator, arbitrator, author, speaker and organizational consultant, Marli Rusen, will help your organization address workplace dysfunction and create high performing teams.

All Marli’s services incorporate the MIRROR Method, a practical six-step framework she outlines in her book and workbook. The MIRROR Method is a practical, accessible resource that offers a road map for leaders and front-line employees toward building a respectful workplace.

If you have question's about Marli's online training, please see our list of frequently asked questions.

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