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The MIRROR Method a book for dispute resolution

The MIRROR Method Book

The MIRROR Method provides leaders with a simple, six-step framework to accurately diagnose and remedy workplace dysfunction, restore trust and communication, and build powerfully dynamic teams.

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The MIRROR Method Workbook

The MIRROR Method workbook offers workplace leaders many tips and tools on diagnosing and resolving workplace conflict and dysfunction including forms, checklists, and critical Q&As. Together, the book and accompanying workbook will help leaders address workplace dysfunction, make evidence-based, defensible decisions and build highly-effective teams rooted in mutual trust, respect and transparency.

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Mirror Method Workbook

Pulled from the pages of the MIRROR Method workbook and book, we’ve assembled a few tips on how to better understand your organization’s workplace dynamics, reduce conflict and improve communication.

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To help you better understand if your organization is experiencing workplace dysfunction and learn what you can do to improve your team’s effectiveness, we’d like to offer a few self-help diagnostic tools and resources.

The MM Blog

Many of us spend a third of every weekday at work. We need workplaces that embrace inclusion, respect diversity, confront all forms of workplace dysfunction, and make the most of everyone’s strengths and potential. The MM blog tackles topics related to workplace performance and offers concrete advice to help build enriching and engaging teams.