Sometimes due to the nature of the workplace issue, or the extent of workplace conflict, informal resolution mechanisms do not work. The need for clear direction on a particular issue, competing interests, protracted history or difficult personalities may mean that management and union representatives cannot achieve an informal or negotiated compromise to a challenging workplace issue through no fault of their own.

In these circumstances, Marli is available to act as a formal arbitrator for expedited or full arbitrations.

Marli brings to third party arbitration a history of academic excellence and extensive practical legal experience. Marli was awarded the Gold Medals in the Faculties of Law and Psychology for obtaining the highest aggregate grade point average in each area of study. Marli has been similarly recognized for her academic excellence in the Law of Evidence and Employment Law.

Through her experience as a clerk with the BC Supreme Court early in her career, Marli observed and was coached on the importance of transparent, fair and defensible legal proceedings, sound legal analysis and lucid decision making.

Then, over the next 20+ years, Marli acted as a legal advocate for various parties (plaintiffs, defendants, employees and employers).

Marli is well regarded for her commitment to ensuring that all parties receive a fair and objective hearing, witnesses are treated respectfully, and union and management receive a legally sound, well-articulated and practical decision in a timely manner.

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