Create a Place Where People Love to Work

From half and full-day workshops to consulting engagements, mediations, arbitrations, online training and keynote speaking, Marli Rusen will help your organization address workplace dysfunction and create high performing teams.

Workshop & Live Webinars

Marli offers a range of workshops tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Workshops are designed for leaders or staff and delivered in-person by Marli at your facility or via video conference.

Learn more about Marli’s workshops and how they’ve transformed organizations just like yours.

Marli is now offering her most popular workshops via live webinars. Learn more.

Respectful Workplace Online Video Training

The legal expectations that govern respectful workplace communication and conduct have grown significantly. Many judicial decisions, legislation, codes of conduct, employment contracts and collective agreements now require staff, leaders, customers and others to interact and communicate respectfully.

Learn more about Marli’s online video training, Building Respect and Resolving Conflict, and how it will help you create a truly respectful workplace.

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Investigations and Scans

Sometimes addressing workplace conflict requires legal expertise. Arbitrator, Marli Rusen has extensive experience conducting a range of workplace adjudications, including investigations and conflict audits/environmental scans.

Learn more about Marli’s investigation and adjudication services, and how her legal background can protect your organization and its employees.

Mediation and Team Facilitations

Marli offers various ways to support individuals on your team overcome issues and move forward in a constructive manner. Where appropriate, Marli mediates interpersonal conflicts in place of formal investigations. Marli is also available, following formal investigations, to work with specific individuals or entire teams to help rebuild damaged relationships, restore trust and improve communication.

Learn more about Marli’s mediation and team facilitation services.


Arbitration is a quasi-judicial process, established in collective agreements, that resolves workplace disputes between management and labour. As a recognized, impartial third-party, Marli hears evidence presented by both the union and the employer and delivers a binding award.

Marli is a recognized member of the Arbitrators Association of British Columbia. Unions, employers and others may easily access her availability and secure her appointment by visiting the AABC website or Canada’s ADRweb.

Learn more about Marli experience determining interest and rights arbitration cases in Canada.
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Delivered by phone or in-person, Marli offers hourly coaching sessions to support leaders and front-line staff with specific issues or to generally assist them in strengthening their leadership, communication and conflict resolution skills.

Learn more about Marli’s ‘context coaching,’ and how it gets results.

Key Note Speaking

Imagine getting your entire organization on the same page when it comes to building respectful, productive workplaces. Marli is a charismatic keynote speaker, and is frequently invited to speak at workplace retreats, industry conferences and professional events. 

Learn more about how Marli’s key note speaking can elevate your next event from average to amazing.