Professional coaching is not a ‘one size fits all’ proposition. To be effective, it cannot be generic. It must consider the unique individual and organizational context and deliver both short and long-term results. That’s where Marli Rusen’s ‘coaching in context’ makes all the difference.

With ‘coaching in context’, individuals bring specific workplace challenges to Marli – not for Marli to resolve – but for Marli to help them resolve, using the skills and advice gained from their coaching conversations. Marli provides a safe, open and resourceful environment for individuals to learn how to resolve specific conflicts while – at the same time- gaining life-long skills in self-awareness and communication.

Marli offers two types of coaching – coaching for leadership (on any issues or workplace conflicts) and coaching for communication (available to leaders and front-line staff who could benefit from practical tips on communicating in a respectful manner). Both are available in person or remotely – by phone or video conference.

To facilitate the busy schedules of many workplace leaders, Marli is available for leadership coaching in the evenings and on weekends.

Leadership Coaching

Today’s workplace leaders are being asked to manage through unprecedented change. Increased competitive pressures, radical new business models, and a dramatic evolution in the working relationship between employer and employee are just the tip of the iceberg.

The truth is not every leader is equipped to deal with the challenges of a modern workplace. But every leader would benefit from working with a coach.

In many organizations, there are leaders who consistently struggle with the ‘people aspects’ of their positions. Sometimes, it’s the way they make their decisions that causes the dysfunction, for example, due to the perception of unfair process or favouritism. Sometimes, it’s the way they ‘message’ their decision (for example “because I said so”). Often, leaders are unaware of how they come across or oblivious to the damage they are causing.

Leadership coaching is a supportive process designed to facilitate leadership awareness, personal growth and development and commonly results in improved communication and decision-making skills and stronger team performance.

Through 1:1 coaching sessions, Marli helps leaders build their capacity and enhance their skills to ensure they make the right decisions and implement them in the right way.

Specifically, Marli:

  • Helps leaders work through their current issues with individual staff, or their team as a whole
  • Helps leaders strengthen their ability to be objective and accurately assess workplace dysfunction, misconduct and performance issues
  • Guides leaders on how to communicate with and coach staff in a clear and respectful manner
  • Advises leaders on how and when to escalate matters in response to unacceptable workplace behaviours and poor performance

Communication Coaching

In many teams, there is that one individual who creates disruption and disharmony through poor or disrespectful communication. They may ‘do their job’ but show up in a way that creates issues for everyone else.

Their name comes up in confidential work surveys, exit interviews and complaint processes. In the worst-case scenario, workplace investigations have declared them guilty of bullying/harassment.

Respectful environments are not about silencing these individuals altogether – they are about teaching them a better way to speak – one that allows everyone to feel safe and respected. With communication coaching, Marli openly reviews feedback with individuals about their current communication challenges and offers them alternate, more effective ways of getting their message across. Marli offers such 1:1 coaching in-person, or through video or conference calls.

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