Are you looking for a charismatic keynote speaker or facilitator for your upcoming workplace retreat, industry conference or professional event?

Marli is regularly invited to speak to audiences on how to build respectful, productive workplaces. Some of the Marli’s many keynote speeches and industry workshops include the following:


  • Walking the Talk of Respect: The Critical Role of Leaders in Building Productive Teams
  • “Say WHAT?” The Importance of Respectful Communication in Building High Performing Teams
  • Changing our Attitudes About Change: It’s Not What It Is, It’s How You Talk about It
  • A Bad Day Does Not a Bully Make: Understanding the Difference between Disagreements and Harassment
  • Walking on Eggshells by Day and Surfing Workopolis by Night: The Cost of Workplace Drama and Dysfunction
  • Unapologetic Accountability: Why Consequences for Bad Behaviour is the Foundation of a Successful Workplace
  • Could I Be Getting In the Way of My Team’s Success? The Critical Importance of Self-Reflection in Modern Leadership
  • Critical Foundations to Respectfully Leading a Respectful Team: Civility, Communication, and Consequences
  • What Does it Mean to “Support your Team?”: The Do’s and Don’ts of Principled Leadership
  • Now What? Leading a Workplace of Respectful Accountability in the Wake of #MeToo
  • By “Making Your Point” are You Building a Wall? The Critical Role of Communication at Work and at Home

Contact Marli today to discuss how she can elevate your next event from average to amazing. Marli can also be requested through the Keynote Speakers Canada website and Geniecast. There you’ll find more detailed information on Marli and her popular topics.


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