Do You Suspect Conflict in Your Workplace?


Watch Out for Potential Signs of Conflict

Often, there are signs and symptoms of workplace dysfunction long before a complaint comes forward.

In order to be in the best position to respond to conflict early, it is important to be aware of possible signs of conflict.

Right now, think about your workplace and ask yourself the following:

  • Is there sudden or chronic unexplained turnover in a particular department?
  • Are competent employees consistently seeking employment outside the department?
  • Is there an increase in unexplained sick leave within a particular team?
  • Do team members appear reluctant to work with a particular co-worker?
  • Do staff appear reluctant to work with a particular supervisor?
  • Are team members unusually quiet in staff meetings, despite being encouraged to participate?
  • Are you receiving any “off-the-record” messages from staff, anonymously or otherwise, regarding “issues” in the workplace?
  • Are you detecting tension between particular employees or amongst a specific group of staff?

If some or all of these factors are present, your workplace may be suffering from undiagnosed, untreated workplace conflict.

At the very least, this calls for managers, supervisors and at times, union representatives, to dig deeper to find out what is going on in the workplace … and why.


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