Management Matters is now MFR Resolutions – Focusing on Solutions for Everyone


We are excited to announce that effective December 1, 2013, Management Matters will be operating as MFR Resolutions Consulting.

As part of this change, we are broadening our focus to include support and resolutions for everyone and anyone involved in dysfunctional and disruptive workplace conflict.

Our commitment to positive organizational change includes an expansion to our popular respectful workplace and supervisory training workshops. We now offer a number of educational courses for front-line staff, shop stewards, union representatives/executives, supervisors and managers on how to identify their role in the creation – and resolution – of workplace conflict. When it comes to toxic workplace dynamics, the question is no longer “who is responsible for this?” but rather, “who is responsible for what” or, “what steps can I take – in my role – to make this a better place to work?”. Marli’s workshops provide individuals with practical strategies on how to answer these questions in a realistic and responsible manner and move forward constructively.

In addition to expanding our educational focus, we are spending a significant amount of time working within organizations, talking to staff at all levels – to better understand the environments in which they work. These environmental scans provide a safe and secure opportunity for front-line staff, union stewards, supervisors and others – to share their concerns, perceptions and ideas for improvement. Their feedback is then used to design constructive, practical and legally defensible recommendations with a view to bringing closure to the past and substantive change to the future.

When combined, educational workshops and environmental scans work to significantly reduce the prevalence of destrutive workplace conflict, with a resutling increase in morale and productivity.

In certain instances, complex or entrenched conflict cannot be resolved informally despite the efforts of everyone involved. In these circumstances, Marli Rusen will continue to provide timely and comprehensive services as a third party neutral – conducting harassment/bullying investigations and acting as a trouble-shooter, mediator or arbitrator, depending on the needs of those involved.

Contact MFR Resolutions if you have any questions about these services or simply wish to “brainstorm” with us on which tools might work best with the situation at hand.

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