Carolina Ibarra


The Mirror Method and Marli’s training on respectful workplaces is applicable to employees across all levels of an organization. Through her seminars, she simply and clearly outlines the roles that everyone plays in creating a respectful, engaging, and positive workplace, while providing the fundamental legal context behind those obligations. A respectful workplace culture is something we need to co-create as an organization, constantly nurture and not take for granted. Engaging Marli to deliver the training was one way of delivering on our organization’s commitment by providing all staff with the knowledge and tools to maintain the positive environment we all want to be a part of.

Feedback I got from one leader in Victoria was: ”One thing that definitely stuck with me though was when she said [paraphrased] . One of the most respectful things you can do in the workplace is show up and do your job. I thought that was pretty poignant and pretty spot on.”

From Nanaimo I heard: “It was one of he better trainings they had been to recently because it was succinct and relevant to everyone in that work group.”

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