Why is workplace training on building respect and resolving conflict necessary?
Workplace respect is no longer a best practice. It’s a legal requirement. The laws in many jurisdictions require individuals, regardless of their position, to take responsibility for maintaining a respectful workplace.
Who will benefit most from this training?
The training helps individuals, leaders and organizations in different ways. First, this program is well suited for individuals who are interested in professional development, leadership training and advancement. Second, organizations use this training to educate individuals who have been found, through a workplace review, to have been repeatedly disrespectful to others at work. Most commonly, mandating this online series to everyone in an organization ensures that all individuals, teams and leaders are properly trained in their roles and legal responsibilities regarding respectful workplaces, communication and conduct.
How is the training accessed?
The Building Respect and Resolving Conflict series is available online, through Marli’s training website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Individuals can complete it at home or at work at any time. They do not need to access their work computers or software.
How is the training delivered?
The training is delivered by way of 9 videos (The Fundamentals for All) and 11 videos (The Critical Role of Workplace Leaders). The videos vary in length, from 2 to 3 minutes, up to 10 minutes.
Does the online training come with any supporting written resources?
Yes, every participant will receive additional written resources and worksheets to help them implement the program’s key concepts in their workplace, including:
The Fundamentals for ALL course

  • MIRROR Conversations: Steps to Take
  • MIRROR Conversations: Checklist
  • MIRROR Conversations: Preparation Worksheet and Guide

The Critical Role of Workplace Leaders course

  • Digital copy of The MIRROR Method Workbook
Can an individual use their smartphone or tablet to complete the training?
Yes, the training is readily accessible through both desktop and mobile devices.
How long does a learner have access to the online course?
Once a learner receives the license, they have up to 45 days to complete the training. The training is self-paced, and learners can watch the videos as often as they like up until completion of the courses.
How can we be sure that our employees are learning the course material?
Individual learners complete the course material at their own pace. After each video, a short quiz tests the learner’s comprehension of the material. Once all videos have been viewed, and the learner has passed all of the quizzes, they will receive a certificate of completion.
Does this program meet the legal and/or regulatory requirements for training on workplace bullying and harassment?
This training clearly explains the obligations of all staff and leaders to act and communicate respectfully and not engage in bullying and harassment. It also advises individuals on how to interact and communicate in a respectful manner and it gives them guidelines on how to properly respond to workplace disrespect when it arises. To ensure full legal and/or regulatory compliance in a particular jurisdiction (Province/ State/Country), employers should provide their employees with access to, or written copies of, the specific legislation, policies and procedures in their region that govern respectful and acceptable work performance, conduct and communication in their workplace.
Are there any IT requirements that our organization would need to accommodate?
No, training access is through Marli’s website. No software or computer plug-ins are required, and the learning platform does not access your organization’s IT systems or infrastructure.
Is there a lot of course administration work for our HR team?
No. The employer is not involved in any of the training logistics or oversight. The training platform tracks and reports on individual progress and this information is passed on to the employer for purposes of reporting, compliance and accountability. To begin the training, we only need the name and email address of learners for whom you have purchased licences.
How much does it cost?
The cost of the online training program depends upon the course and the number of licenses purchased at one time. The price per participant ranges from $100 to $300.
How does this online training program differ from one of Marli’s live in-person and remote workshops?
This program is a highly structured course and includes detailed training on workplace respect and conflict resolution. Every individual’s learning is tracked and tested, which is helpful for purposes of consistency and compliance. Marli’s popular live in-person and remote workshops are similar to a keynote speech or “Ted-talk” on this topic. They often help reset a collective culture and are sought after as team-building events. There is no testing or specific tracking at these events, so they are not as useful as online training for organizational/regulatory compliance.
How do Marli’s online training and live workshops complement each other?
A few examples are as follows:

  • All staff and leadership workshops are offered to groups of individuals, at work, within scheduled hours of operation. Unfortunately, some individuals may be unable to attend due to sickness or other work obligations. Further, individuals may begin employment after various workshops have occurred. These individuals may be asked to take the online training to ensure they receive similar training as those who attended the live events.
  • Some organizations first mandate all staff and/or leaders to complete the online training so that everyone is consistently trained in their rights and responsibilities regarding respectful workplaces. Certain departments may then ask Marli to facilitate a team-building session to address their specific needs or conduct a hands-on workshop on a particular topic in an in-depth manner, such as “having difficult conversations” or “conducting respectful workplace investigations”.
  • After taking one of Marli’s workshops, certain individuals may begin or continue to engage in disrespectful and disruptive conduct. This may become apparent in a performance review, exit interviews of other staff or following a harassment investigation. In any one of these circumstances, organizations may mandate the individuals to complete one or more of Marli’s online courses. This provides further and more specific training on workplace respect and formally establishes that the organization remains compliant with internal or regulatory requirements regarding respectful workplace and supervisory training.
Is there additional support and training for supervisors?
After supervisors and managers have completed the initial online course, “Building Respect and Resolving Conflict: The Fundamentals for All”, they are strongly encouraged to take our second course, “Building Respect and Resolving Conflict: The Critical Role of Workplace Leaders”. In the leadership course, the information builds on the knowledge and skills they learned in the first course and focuses on their responsibilities as workplace leaders. This training contains entirely different content from the first course and is applicable to all leaders, from frontline supervisors (unionized and non-unionized) to executive teams.
Marli also has other resources that she has authored: “The MIRROR Method” book, “The MIRROR Method Workbook” and “Walking On Eggshells? A Practical Guide to Resolving Stressful Conflict at Work and Home”. These resources provide additional information and practical tools on how to build a respectful team and address dysfunction when it arises.
Marli also is available to supplement course learnings by facilitating in-person or virtual workshops. To learn more about her workshops, please, visit her workshops page.