Geoff Spriggs


I have had the good fortune to participate in a few courses of Marli’s so far in my career. Marli’s energy and pace keep the class moving along and she has a very engaging delivery for all audience levels. Her content is not only relevant and tailored to being processes you can use in real life, but also come from a leadership and value based place. If you want to take care of yourself professionally and use these skills to help take care of others, ultimately that is what you can walk away with from her courses. Topics are relevant, timely, and either bring you up to speed or remind you of key points that you can build into your practices. I will continue to advocate for her courses in my organization and I have been recommending her to many colleagues as I have seen it empower and enhance my workplaces and strengthen my leadership practice.

Geoff Spriggs, Deputy Fire Chief

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