Marli has transformed her in-depth knowledge of the law and workplace dynamics into a revolutionary, online video training program that helps organizations create healthy and productive workplaces.

Building Respect and Resolving Conflict

There’s a lot of confusion and debate over whether certain behaviours are or are not disrespectful, and this confusion has only served to make matters worse. While no course can protect you from workplace conflicts and disagreements, this online video training will help you better understand how to show up with respect and how to create a respectful workplace, one where everyone can thrive.

The legal expectations that govern respectful workplace conduct have grown significantly over the past few years. Many judicial decisions, legislation, codes of conduct, employment contracts and collective agreements now require staff, leaders, customers and others to interact and communicate respectfully.

It’s critical to understand that workplace respect is no longer merely a best practice – it is now legally mandated.

This course reflects Mari’s work with thousands of employees and leaders like you; previously in her role as a workplace lawyer and currently in her role as a harassment investigator, workplace mediator and labour arbitrator.


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